Monday, 17 November 2008

Playtime - live a kidulthood

Just watched a couple of programmes which have made me think about creativity and how we approach it as adults.

The first of these programmes was a 3 Minute Wonder on Channel 4 in which children from a primary school in London were given free reign to give their ideas on the potential future developments and uses for various household appliances and fixtures. Among the ideas they came up with were interactive wallpapers to fit your mood, operated by a microphone implanted in your living room wall, fridges which selected healthy food for you from the shelves and beds which respond to body temperature and make sure that the lucky person sleeping on them is at the most comfortable temperature.

The second programme which got me thinking was a TED talk by Tim Brown, co founder of design and innovation firm Ideo around the idea that by embracing the idea of creative playtime, getting over our adult inhibitions, we can often come up with our most inspiring ideas. The talk formed part of The Art Center Serious Play Design Conference earlier this year.

Tim Brown's argument is that many good ideas never get voiced by their owners as they are scared that they will be immediately dismissed.He points to the layouts and designs of the offices of companies which aspire to provide their clients with creative solutions to their problems, the Google Zurich office complete with slides, fireman poles and T-rex skeletons, being just one example.

It's something which I am a firm believer in, and no it's not because I am a lazy person, I just believe that as the saying goes, "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". It's in this spirit that I have been mucking around with my camera recently. I'm not saying that I've created anything fantastic, it just felt quite liberating to play around and take photos of nothing much! One of the results is below

If I can find the 3 Minute Wonder video, I will post it here soon.

On a separate note, Under Scan was closed today....due to rain, damn English November weather!

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