Wednesday, 19 November 2008

There's a first time for everything - Data makes me happy - Flickr Stats

Anyone who knows me will probably know that I am obsessed with Flickr. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, they added Flickr stats. Just in the 5 minutes time that I looked at it earlier, I found loads of little gems that I otherwise wouldn't have known; that people have actually been commenting on my photos for a while and have added some as favourites.

They've also updated the homepage so that you can see all the recent activity on your photos, any comments, favourites or views. It's great to see this as it gives you a real idea of who is looking for photos like yours and who are the best people to get talking to among your contacts.

Plus, they link with Moo, makers of Moo Cards so on the back of the cards I just ordered, I've been able to put my own pictures. Seriously, I love Flickr!

Btw, I'm aware this is an extremely geeky post


Mediawitch said...
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Mediawitch said...

Moo cards rule, I think everyone in online should carry them, personal yet to the point.

Sarah said...

Ahhh you and your flicker love! See you really are a geek at heart!

Love your latest pictures - want one for my wall at home.